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Who am I and what can I do for you?

Persoonlijke hulp Ontdek Noord Groningen
Ontdek Noord Groningen is no travel company so you will never book directly with me. Ontdek translates as discover. My name is Michel Spreeuwers en my website offers you information and inspiration and will always refer you when you want to make a booking for an accommodation. This northern region of the Netherlands is the place where I live and have walked, cycled and explored many a time. This northern part of the province of Groningen offers rural beauty, an unbelievable amount of medieval churches, some lovely villages and towns and also the historic city of Groningen. This website is relatively new but I have extensive experience with this service because I offer it on my website Groot-Brittannië Liefhebbers about Great Britain for a number of years now. Because of my knowledge of travelling through England, Wales and Scotland I could even plan your holiday to Groningen from your doorstep, in case you live in the UK. I have quite some knowledge of all the railway services in the UK too so if you would like to travel to the Netherlands by train (even when it is in combination with ferry or plane) that would be no problem.

So I can make a tailor-made holiday plan based on your wishes. It doesn't matter if you travel alone, with the two of you or with a large family or other group. It also doesn't matter if you would like to just visit the city, make a round trip through the countryside (tour along multiple destinations to stay) or a combination of the two. You can take your car, make use of public transport and/or bring your bikes and/or walkingboots. Just tell me what your wishes are and I will carry them out in the plan as best as I can. It goes without saying that you can also request a plan when you or not living in the UK but somewhere else in Europa, the United States of America or anywhere else.

When can you expect the holiday plan?

I always go to work quickly so most of the time I can make and send you the plan within 24 hours. Make sure you are certain of the dates you can travel and that you are able to book relatively quickly if you are happy with the plan. The reason is that I can't hold on to accommodations. You can book on pages in your own language.

About hotels, b&b's en self catering accommodations

Ik have a partnership with booking.com and that is where I will your pick hotel, b&b, holiday cottage or apartment. Or multiple if you want to stay on more than one location. I strive to pick accommodations that can be cancelled for free a couple (or more) days before you travel. However, that is not always possible if you want to book a holiday cottage. Because you book the accommodation(s) using my links I automatically receive commission. That is the reason why I can offer this service for free. When you click such a link here on Ontdek Noord Groningen you will be reffered to the accommodation on booking.com and you will see the Ontdek Noord Groningen logo above. If that page is not in English than you can easily change the language of it. In order to book you will need a creditcard or debitcard. This is what you will see:

Please read this page carefully. 1. Are your holiday dates certain? 2. Can and would you like to book quickly?

In that case I would be more than happy to make a plan for you. Please let me know,

Michel | Ontdek Noord Groningen

info@ontdeknoordgroningen.nl of contact via facebook

Do you need to pay for the plan?

No, you don't need to pay for the holiday plan I send you. My income is based on commission. I receive commission on hotel bookings and other types of accommodations, and also on the ferry in case you travel by ferry from England to the Netherlands. So you won't pay me anything and also the price won't be higher than normally. When you book by using my page/website you will automatically reward my services. That is the idea on which this service is based.

How expensive are the accommodations?

The price to pay for a night in a hotel or bed and breakfast of course depends on the degree of comfort and luxury. The province of Groningen is not an expensive place to stay. The price level in het city is a bit higher but also not very expensive. A double room in a fine hotel or b&b can cost you 110 to 120 euros a night. A somewhat more luxurious or historic hotel in the city of Groningen will set you back a bit more. Think of prices in the region of 150 euros (and higher). Smallscale b&b's in the countryside could cost around or even under 100 euros. The more luxurious b&b's closer to 120 euros. The prices of holiday cottages in the country or apartments in the city depend on the size, location and level of comfort.

Please provide the following info:

-The number of nights and the precise dates (or period)
-The maximum price you would like to pay per night (per room)
-The type of accommodation(s) where you would like to stay (hotel, b&b, holiday cottage or apartment)

What will you receive?

-A holiday plan that you can view (and book) online, also during the holiday in case you have booked.
-For every destination an appropriate and available accommodation in your price range.
-For every destination information about the area and tips about what to visit.
-In case you want to walk and/or cyle: what routes you could follow.
-Especially in case you use public transport: detailed travel information.*

* = like I mentioned on the first tab: I have extensive knowledge about travelling in and to/from the UK to the Netherlands so if you live in England, Wales or Scotland I will happily provide travel information for your entire journey: from your doorstep to your destination in Groningen. In case you take your own car: which ferry (or eurotunnel) to take. In case you take the train: which railway services to take both in the UK and in the Netherlands. You could do the whole journey by train (by taking the Eurostar from Londen to Rotterdam via Brussels) or stepping on a ferry in between: there are three ferry services from the east -and northeast coast of England to the Netherlands. I will of course advise you which one to take. Quite recently there were talks of opening another ferry service from Rosyth in Scotland to Eemshaven here in Groningen but that never materialized. It would be great if that was to happen one day.

Are your holiday dates certain and can you book quickly?

In that case I would be more than happy to make a plan for you. Please let me know,

Michel | Ontdek Noord Groningen

info@ontdeknoordgroningen.nl of contact via facebook
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